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As the owner and operator of a family owned business that provides health care, Travis has the perfect story to tell against Rep. Ed Thompson, an extreme anti-Medicaid incumbent in a TOSS-UP district. Travis has spent years providing health care services to thousands of disabled seniors, in which he has seen first-hand the disparity in access to health care for Texans. When the pandemic struck, he put people over profits by keeping every employee on payroll, even when they were unable to come to work because of Covid-19. Travis even provided “hero pay” in the form of a 20% raise to his front-line employees. The next Legislative session needs to focus on drastic health care reform in addition to rebuilding our economy, and Travis has the skills, work ethic, and empathy needed to flip this seat.

Research on Rep. Ed Thompson
-First elected in 2012, Thompson represents the extreme
wing of the Republican Party
-Thompson claimed the ACA “will bankrupt our country
and destroy the quality of our health care system.”
-Voted to make it harder for college campuses to disinvite
Nazis and Alt-Right speakers
-Voted against equal pay for women and against increasing penalties for sexual assault
-Voted to prohibit vaccinations for foster children
-Pushed for premature reopening during Covid-19