Fighting COVID-19

The decisions about the COVID-19 pandemic made by Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, and the Austin majority have been devastating for our state. Their lack of leadership has led to thousands of deaths and hundreds of thousands of sick Texans. I will work to protect our communities by giving first responders and healthcare professionals the resources they need, and by making smart decisions about how to rebuild as we fight this devastating disease.

Finding Healthcare Solutions

It is unacceptable that Texas has nearly 5 million people uninsured, including 900,000 children — more than anywhere else in the country. I’ve seen firsthand how the medical system only takes care of those with extra money in their pockets, while the Austin majority refuses to expand Medicaid to help hard-working Texans. We need to expand the access low income families have to family planning clinics and protect women’s right to access safe and legal abortion. I’m ready to fight to get more Texans insured, lower premiums, protect those with pre-existing conditions and defend reproductive rights.

Creating a Fair Government

The Austin Republicans have spent decades preaching small government while practicing anything but. They’ve stripped decision making power from cities and counties while changing rules to protect their power. It’s time to restore faith in our democracy by ending political gerrymandering, securing the safety of our elections with paper-ballot backups, and getting corporate money out of our politics. Government should be by and for the people, not just for the rich and powerful.

Protecting Texas’s Environment

We need to protect our environment from the massive problems that are coming our way — and we can do it by using the vast resources of the farmers and ranchers of our great state. By supporting the use of elevated solar panels, wind turbines, and carbon capture, we can build a brighter future while preserving traditional Texan farm life.

Equal Justice For All

The racial makeup of our jails looks nothing like the racial makeup of the rest of society. It is clear that our laws are being unequally applied to those of color. We can work together as a community to use Community Policing initiatives and Restorative Justice programs that not only make our communities police forces safer, but also cost taxpayers less money. I will fight to reform cash bail and decriminalize non-violent drug offenses so we can get people the help they need, not just hide them away in prison.

Fixing Our Public Schools

My family knows the value of public education — my wife Christine and I both went to Texas public schools, and she now teaches high school physics. I’m ready to push for a public school system that works for everyone by removing ineffective high-stakes testing, and eliminating charter, voucher, and cyber-school programs which take money from our public schools. I will also support programs like universal Pre-K and putting more technical training into high schools to give everyone the opportunities they deserve.


Travis believes in representing hard-working Texans, not big corporations — That’s why he is refusing to take any money from Corporate PACs. Pitch in to help support his campaign, so he can fight for you in the state capital.