Meet the incredible organizations and community leaders who are backing Travis and his campaign.



Democrats with

End Citizens

Let America Vote

Run for Something

Democracy for America

Human Rights Campaign

Clean Water Action

Young Democrats of Brazoria County

Recommended By

Demand Action

Recommended as
Gun Sense Candidate

Texans for Public

Rated Friendly

Individual Endorsements

Shelly Warren

Blacks in Government
Region VI Director

Kris McGrarvy

Chairwoman of the Brazoria
County Democratic Party

Jai Dagget

Candidate for Pearland
City Council

Arnetta Murray

Councilwoman Iowa Colony,
Precinct 21 Chair

Sue Funkhouser

Ex-Chairwoman of the Brazoria
County Democratic Party

Karen Meyer

 Precinct 23 Chair, President of South Brazoria County Democrats Club

Cecile Edwards

Precinct 1 Chair

Nancy Marsac

Precinct 11 Chair

Art Ramirez

Precinct 14 Chair

Laura Myers

Precinct 16 Chair

Soroya Ruth

Precinct 2 Chair

Denise Pegoda

Precinct 22 Chair

Rene Martinez

Precinct 24 Chair

Mohammed Alam

Precinct 28 Chair

Anita Jackson

Precinct 29 Chair

Sandra Shiring

Precinct 34 Chair

Francis Saenz

Precinct 38 Chair

Sonny Mooney

Precinct 47 Chair

George Bettoney

Precinct 48 Chair

Steve Zach

Precinct 50 Chair

Colleen Shoelkopf

Precinct 54 Chair

Loretta Branch

Precinct 55 Chair

Scott Fueless

Precinct 60 Chair

Cynthia Strickland

Precinct 63 Chair

Juanita Crane

Precinct 7 Chair

Sheila Conner

Precinct 8 Chair


Travis believes in representing hard-working Texans, not big corporations — That’s why he is refusing to take any money from Corporate PACs. Pitch in to help support his campaign, so he can fight for you in the state capital.