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Expand Medicaid

Texas has exness more uninsured people than anywhere else in the country; 5 million people including 900,000 children. That is completely unacceptable.


By refusing to expand Medicaid, our current leaders have decided to leave federal dollars on the table and have us sending our hard earned tax dollars to California instead of caring for our exness review own population.


Free Market Solutions to Climate Change

Dual-use approaches leverage the vast agricultural resources of Texas to shift our economy onto the next generation of power production.


We must support farmers and ranchers to get more value from their land by installing elevated solar panels, wind turbines and carbon sequestration, we can build a brighter future and preserve exness registration traditional farm life.


Ensure Equal Protection Under the Law

The racial make up of our jails looks nothing like the racial make up of the rest of society. It is clear that our laws are being unequally applied to those of color. 


I support cash bail reform and decriminalizing non-violent drug offenses so that how you make a living doesn't change how the law treats you. Community Policing initiatives and Restorative Justice programs will make our communities and police forces safer while lowering the cost to the county.  


End Big-Government Republican's Assault on Cities and Counties

The most effective forms of government are the ones closest to their voters and the issues. Over the past decade, we have seen Big Government Republicans strip cities, towns and counties of much of their decision making ability.


From limiting how traffic laws are made, to regulating which industries we must allow into our communities, Governor Abbot has failed to live up to his 'Small Government' promises. 


Secure Our Elections

End political gerrymandering. Politicians shouldn't be choosing their voters.  We need structural change, like non-partisan redistricting commissions, which remove the ability for our elected officials to rig the system to their own benefit. 

Paper ballot backup voting and a robust election security system will allow our democracy to be preserved, free from outside influence, for generations to come. 


Defend our Public Schools

My wife Christine and I went to public schools here in Texas our entire lives. Now Christine works as a high school physics teacher. I knows the value of our public schools. 

We need to remove high stakes standardized testing and end charter, voucher and cyber-school programs which siphon off resources from our public schools. Access to universal Pre-K and integrating Technical and Trade school programs into the High School curriculum can make sure that our school system is working for everyone.